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Austria on the way to a European «Shared Environmental Information System»

With the amendment to the Environmental Information Act (EIA) 2004, Austria transposed Directive 2003/4/EC on Public Access to Environmental Information into national law at the federal level.The amended Environmental Information Act sets high requirements for access to and dissemination of environmental information; these must be implemented by the federal government and thefederal provinces, as well as towns, cities and municipalities. A new level of cooperation between these entities must be reached, thereby providing an important contribution to greater transparencyand bringing environmental administration closer to Austrian citizens.In order to ensure the coordinated implementation of the required operative measures by all targeted information providing bodies, an eGovernment working group on environmental information has been set up within the framework of the platform «digital Austria».One of the major objectives of the eGovernment working group on environmental information is the development of a central environmental information portal (one-stop shop) which is in line with the intentions of the European Commission for a Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS).

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