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Israel: TAIEX and the Freedom of Information Unit ensure transparency of environmental information

The Freedom of Information Unit of the Ministry of Justice of Israel and TAIEX came together for a joint workshop on ensuring the transparency of information towards the environment. 

According to Israeli legislation, since 2009, public authorities are required to publish information they hold about the environment. 

The types of pollution include noise, air, water, radiation, contamination, and waste pollution. However, there are challenges when it comes to implementing this legislation, and publishing environmental information. 

Germany, Denmark, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, civil society organizations, and digital startups, helped share their practices and aspired the Israeli public authorities with what they have done. Within the two days of the seminar, lots of participants, stakeholders, and experts from the EU had enriched the promotion of protecting the environment. 

The presentations made be the speakers are accessible through the following  link:

he Israeli Ministry of Justice is looking forward to discussing further initiatives on enhancing this field. 

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