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Serbia - First National Metaregister for Environmental Information

Main objectives: The main objective of Ecoregister is to provide the public with easy, quick and user-friendly access to information about the environment and improve the general accessibility of information to the public in this area.


Implementation: The Ecoregister has been created as a sub-domain on the website of the Environmental Protection Agency at the following address: In terms of information that is not available in electronic or some other form, the Ecoregister will refer its users to the relevant institution which is responsible for the collection and publication of such data, and provide the contact information of the competent person in the particular institution and a description of the procedures for submitting requests for access to the requested information or document.


Result: Ecoregister represents an electronic database and a portal to existing databases and documents with environmental information that are available on the Internet. Ecoregister comprises environmental information that is kept and maintained by responsible ministries, agencies, local governments and protected area managers, as well as available data on the state of all segments of the environment (air, water and soil pollution), waste, pollution emitters, flora and fauna, etc.


Why do you think this example shows how the Aarhus Convention made a difference in your country?

The project is being implemented in order to implement the Strategy for the Implementation of the Aarhus Convention. The first National Metaregister for Environmental Information, i.e Ecoregister, is in electronic form, and it is actually a database and a web portal with links to the existing databases and documents with information referring to the environment which are available on-line. 

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