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Ukraine: Environment People Law (EPL) launched a register of court decisions on environmental matters

“Environment-People-Law” is an organization of practical lawyers in the field of the protection of environmental rights of citizens and the environment. This organization created a register of court decisions of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, higher specialized, appellate and local courts – court decisions and resolutions in civil, economic and administrative cases initiated by civil society institutes, individuals and groups of people for the benefit of environment and society which will surely become a valuable source of information for development of strategies and tactics of handling other court processes in similar legal proceedings.The register is located at the link and is accessible for unlimited use 24 hours a days.In particular, the register includes only decisions that are related to environmental protection and enables the public to do a thematic search for court decisions. In addition, when a case is uploaded into the register, links are created between cases of various instances so that by choosing one decision one can see all the other decisions related to the same case.Key words: Register, court decisions, access to information, access to justice

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