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Resource Compendium of PRTR Release Estimation Techniques, Part 4: Summary of Techniques for Releases from Products, Part I

Information on chemical releases to the environment from the use of products- an overview of existing inventories on releases from products (chapter 2)- work and tools to restrict releases from products (chapter 3)- information systems on chemicals in products (chapter 4)- overview of likely releases from the use phase of products (chapter 5)- introduction to release patterns and release estimation techniques (chapters 6 & 7)- status of reporting releases from the use of products to PRTRs (chapter 8)Case studies and annexes in Part IIENV/JM/MONO(2011)7/PART1. Series on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers No. 12 under OECD, Chemical safety and biosafety, Risk management of installations and chemicals

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