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Go Green honored to announce the October edition of the magazine Ecology and Sustainable Development!

The main topic of this 122nd edition is Climate Change. It is a very colorful edition and includes interesting articles, eco-quiz, eco-gossips, a calendar and other fun-educational contents. After 15 years, Ecology plays an important role in increasing youth awareness and education in the field of Ecology and Sustainable Development. In addition to its educational character, the Go Green team created a model of functioning where the magazine represents an essential tool for activating youth leadership and encouraging open participation. The magazine provides space for stimulating innovation and creativity as well as development of research and writing skills among youth. Readers' contribution is necessary to ensure a better quality and diversity of the content. If you are interested in joining the Go Green team in writing, researching or photographing, you can leave your information in the database and you will be informed about available opportunities to join us. The Go Green team put a lot of effort in preparing a more interesting and youth-friendly edition. Ecology is one of the oldest magazines in Macedonia. It has existed for 15 years and covers different topics in the field of ecology. The Go Green team took the responsibility on this magazine in order to modernize it and make it attractive and acceptable to young people.The first issue of the new magazine was published as part of the "Go Green" project and was part of a major educational campaign during which it was distributed for free to high school students from 25 May to 10 June 2010.The Go Green team recognized the value of this journal and decided that the magazine will stand out as a separate project aiming at ensuring its sustainable operation. In addition, the aim is to make it inevitable literature for young people who want to read on ecology and sustainable development issues. The name of the new magazine was slightly modified by adding the term sustainable development. The new name “Ecology and Sustainable Development" emphasizes the importance of sustainable thinking and will provide a space for covering wider topics such as climate change, global warming, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources.If you need more information about this project, want to write some articles for the following numbers, or contribute in any way, contact Iva Jovanovic: [email protected].

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