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ENI SEIS II East project: 2019 Steering Committee meeting

The 2019 meeting of the Steering Committee was organized in the framework of the the EU-funded project of the European Environment Agency on further implementation of the Shared Environment Information System principles in the six Eastern Neighbourhood East countries (ENI SEIS II East project).

The meeting aimed:

1. To take stock of progress achieved in 2019 and capture relevant developments linked to the key priority areas and governance structure(s) at national level;
2. To identify synergies for joint implementation in the remaining project activities in 2019-2020 with relevant projects, partners and other existing initiatives in the context
of the SEIS mandate and objectives of the ENI SEIS II East project;
3. To agree on the actions needed in the upcoming months to ensure sufficient visibility of and communication of the project’s results and deliverables at national and regional


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