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Belgium - Flanders Region - Environmental Permitting Portal

UNECE Task Force on Access to Information / EIT Case Study

Interactive Information and Web Counter for Public Consultation and Decisions (Including Appeals) on Ongoing Environmental Permits


  • 1. Brief description:  

Interactive web counter to consult all submitted request for environmental permits. The website provides  

  • A geographical overview of submitted requests and for and decisions of environmental permits, using geographical location (GIS)  
  • The possibility for digital public inquiries of the submitted requests during the procedure 
  •  The possibility to submit a digital appeal procedure concerning the decision of an environmental permit 


  • 2. Type: Governmental  
  • 3. Scope: Sub-regional, local  
  • 4. Working language(s): Dutch 
  • 5. Target users: general public, NGO’s 
  • 6. Starting year: 2018 
  • 7. Budget and funding source: 2,2 million euro annually (for the global project of which the public consultation web counter is a small part) 
  • 8. Contact:  

Sven Geens 

Project leader ‘Omgevingsloket’  

Flemish Authority, Department of Environment and spatial Development  

Koning Albert II-laan 20 1000 Brussels Belgium  

Phone number: +32 1666 60 47 

II. Implementation 

  • 9. Policy, legal and institutional context: Flanders Decree on environmental permits 
  • 10. Partner organizations involved: All concerned governmental organizations on regional, provincial and local level 
  • 11. Stakeholders involved, their expected benefits: Online and efficient public participation and consultation concerning environmental permit procedures 
  • 12. User needs and methods of their assessment: Internet 
  • 13. Technology choice: Interactive website with geographical consultation (GIS) 

III. Evaluation 

  • 14. Results: 24/7 consultancy possibility for the public of current projects, direct digital input, partial online content (cf. infra) 
  • 15. Efficiency gains: Previously only knowledge when passing by the potential project (on site publishing), now everybody has information through the internet with added geographic tools 
  • 16. Risks: None (the digital procedure is an extension of the prevision analogue publication that remains available) 
  • 17. Challenges encountered (please indicate resolved or not): Implication of author rights, privacy information and intellectual property limits the possibility of online access. Gradually information gets more structured resulting in a larger amount of online available data.  
  • 18. Lessons learned: Complexity of data structure implies highly technical tools in order to present the information  for the public in a comprehensive format 
  • 19. Conditions for successful replication: Use of open source technology 
  • 20. Overall assessment of the tool: Positive 


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