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Resources Keyword 'SDG Target 12.4'

As a part of the Digital Policy Agenda for the Environment, the resource provides information on what is a digital product passport, possible concepts and models and suitable product groups.
In September 2019, the Special Rapporteur on human rights and toxics presented a report (A/HRC/42/41) to the UN Human Rights Council, with fifteen principles to better protect workers from the…
Good Practice: Internationally proven method that allows citizens to discuss a plan with experts and provide their opinion and policy recommendations in a report.   Type: ONDRAF/…
This OECD web portal aims to facilitate the exchange of information on per- and polyfluorinated chemicals.
On-line resource providing information on important ecological sites such as e.g. waste collection points, environment protection organizations, and sites with renewable energy installations.
Naples case study suggests that public participation in decision-making can help create community trust, avoid conflict and develop solutions to improve waste-management.