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Slovakia - Legislative progress

Main objectives: To address insufficient opportunities for public participation in decision-making on permits for the construction of two reactors at a nuclear power plant located in Mochovce, Slovakia.


Implementation: Several legislative amendments, including Act 287/2009 and Act 145/2010 amending the EIA Act No. 24/2006; Act 408/2011 and Act 117/2010 amending the EIA Act No. 24/2006 and Nature and Landscape Act No. 543/2002; Act 350/2011 amending the Atomic Act No. 541/2004 and Act 258/2011 on permanent storage of carbon dioxide in geological structures and amending other legislation, were enacted by the appropriate Slovak authorities. The amendments 287/2009, 145/2010 and 408/2011 were the most substantial from the point of view of public participation in decision-making.


Result: The most important result was that the public now have sufficient opportunities for public participation in administrative decision making procedures in relation to environmental matters in Slovakia.


Why do you think this example shows how the Aarhus Convention made a difference in your country?

After several legislative amendments the position of the public has positively changed.

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