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Victorian electronic democracy portal

The Victorian Parliament (Australia) has invited its public to participate in an inquiry into the promise, costs, benefits, and risks of electronic democracy. "Electronic democracy" is a new term, highlighting how modern communications and computer technology has changed the ways people act politically. Governments and citizens have started to use these new technologies for political purposes, such as the act of voting, running election campaigns, community consultation, and forming community interest groups and alternative news services. New technologies may be of value to democracy by allowing greater communication, government transparency, and empowering citizens to have their views heard by decision makers. There are also concerns about the impact these technologies may have, with some members of the community being unable to access new technologies and fears that new technologies can be abused, distorting outcomes or excluding people form participation. This portal has been established to assist members of the public participate in the Parliamentary inquiry established to review the potential of electronic democracy for their state. The Inquiry will report its findings to the Parliament at the end of March 2005.(Original source:

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