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United Nations Geographical Information Working Group (UNGIWG)

The United Nations Geographical Information Working Group (UNGIWG) is a network of professionals working in the fields of cartography and geographic information science to building the UN Spatial Data Infrastructure needed to achieve sustainable development. UNGIWG was formed to address common geospatial issues - maps, boundaries, data exchange, standards - that affect the work of UN Organizations and Member States. UNGIWG also works directly with non-governmental organizations, research institutions and industry to develop and maintain common geographic databases and geospatial technologies to enhance normative and operational capabilities. Specifically UNGIWG aims to improve the efficient use of geographic information for better decision-making; promote standards and norms for maps and other geospatial information; develop core maps to avoid duplication; build mechanisms for sharing, maintaining and assuring the quality of geographic information; and provide a forum for discussing common issues and emerging technological changes. Expert groups address the following: core geo-database, remote sensing, interoperable services, map production guidelines, global navigation systems, and technical standards and protocols, institutional and organizational issues. Among the latter data access policy and the creation and maintenance of geospatial information for a wide range of themes are covered by mySDI. With background and recommendations, documents and meetings, contacts and membership, data portals and links.

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