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Tripartite Policy Dialogue on Chemicals Management in China, Japan and Korea

the 8th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM8) held at Beijing in December 2006, one of the topics was cooperation among Japan, China and Korea on chemicals management. Three ministers agreed to proceed information exchange regarding policies and regulations on chemicals management at TEMM8 Joint Communiqué. As a result, the three countries held a working-level meeting at the end of March 2007 in Hayama, Japan, and agreed that three countries would exchange a list of laws, regulations and related documents of each country related to chemicals management and put these lists on each government's website. Japan's list includes CSCL (Chemical Substances Control Law), Law for PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) and Promotion of Chemical Management, Law for the Control of Household products Containing Harmful Substances, and Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law, and their outline, interpretation and related documents. With summaries and links to relevant laws and regulations available in Japanese. A limited number are also available in English.

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