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Participation of civil society in decision-making on environment and sustainable development policy in Central Asian countries

CARNet Informational Bulletin #11 focused on participation of civil society in decision/making on environment and sustainable development policy.The forms of public participation include addressing local problems at local communities level, national associations in the form of EcoForums, coalitions, participation in the interstate associations and many others. All of these forms have one common feature – active citizenship, which means that civil society takes responsibility for changing of situation in their community, town or country, actively seeking to achieve the set objectives. The bulletin, which informs on the activity of civil society in Central Asia, provides the history and activity of the Interstate Commission on Sustainable development (ICSD), establishment of Basin Boards in Kazakhstan, “Green Patrols” movement in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan’s NNO EcoForum and other materials. The Bulletin also provides resource information on new publications, upcoming conferences, grant programs for Central Asia.

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