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Organisational Viability Toolkit

The programme Supporting Environmental Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in South Eastern Europe (SECTOR) promotes the development of a vibrant and democratic environmental civil society within SEE countries. Since its launch in April 2006, one of the main objectives of the programme has been to strengthen environmental CSOs by building independent institutions and developing organisations' skills and viability. The main tool for achieving this is the Organisational Viability Toolkit, developed by the programme team on the basis of an initial assessment that was carried out in order to formulate a clear picture of the state of environmental CSOs in the target region. In mid-2006, the team began to develop the toolkit in the pilot country, Croatia. It is hoped that the toolkit, which is freely available in English and five regional languages, will enable other environmental groups, in SEE and beyond, to assess their organisational performance and enhance their capacity.

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