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Netherlands: The Bill on Whistleblower’s Centre

2 July 2016, a Bill on establishing a Whistle-blower's Centre has entered into force in the Netherlands. The law explicitly covers environmental whistleblowers, but is not limited to them. The suspected abuse must be relevant for society and should concern for example a non compliance of the law, a danger to public health, a danger to the safety of persons and a danger to the environment. Employers with  up from 50 employees (including civil servants and independent workers) are obliged to develop a procedure for dealing with a report of a suspected abuse within the organization that protects the whistle-blower from disadvantaging measures.
The Bill also establishes  a Whistle-blower's Centre, intended to provide legal protection and free of charge, independent and confidential advice for whistleblowers. After dealing with the suspected abuse by the employer, the whistle-blower is entitled to report to an external organization, such as an inspectorate or compliance office. It is also possible to report to the Investigation Department of the Whistle-blower's Centre. They can further investigate a suspected abuse.

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