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Inventory of EU Member States' measures on access to justice in environmental matters

In order to obtain a comprehensive overview of the different measures adopted or in place in the Member States to implement Article 9(3) of the Aarhus Convention and related provisions, the Commission contracted a consultant to prepare a study focusing on the measures allowing members of the public to contest actions or omissions by public authorities. The objective of the study was more precisely to “produce an inventory of national measures implementing Article 9(3) of the Aarhus Convention and related provisions (Articles 2, 3 and 9(4)-(5)) and to assess for the [then] 25 Member States the current situation and recent developments regarding legal measures to implement the requirements of Article 9(3) of the Aarhus Convention”. The findings of the study can be found here (zip file ~6,5Mb) in 25 country reports (all Member States except Bulgaria and Romania, which had not yet joined the Community when the study was initiated) and a summary report. Member States comments on the study can be found at

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