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Imports Environmental Accounting workshop

Environmental Accounting Methodologies (EAM) aim at a quantitative assessment of the environmental issues related to existing production, trade and consumption patterns. EAMs are currently explored by official agencies (statistical or environmental national offices) for their integration into quantitative statistical and analytical frameworks. An interactive workshop focused on Imports Environmental Accounting which will be held on Friday, 20 March 2009 at Mines ParisTech in Paris. This workshop aims at claryfing expectations and objectives for assessing the environmental burdens of products, companies, sectors and countries; presenting the state of the art in environmental accounting modeling possibilities (Life Cycle Analysis, MFA, IOA, Footprint); and setting initial steps towards an integrated context-specific accounting framework of traded goods and services. For more information, see Should you be interested in attending, please register with Isabelle Blanc (e-mail: [email protected]) by 31 January 2009. In English and French.

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MINES ParisTech
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