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How far has the EU applied the Aarhus Convention?

This booklet reports on initial experiences across Europe with the Aarhus Convention. The Convention applies across the European Union (EU), at national level. It also applies at EU level, to the EU institutions. Member States have adopted legislation at national level and the EU has adopted two Directives and proposed a third to implement the Aarhus Convention’s terms and requirements at regional level. It has also adopted a regulation applying the Convention to its own institutions and bodies. To examine how the new Directives are working, EEB initiated an EU-wide investigation into the initial experiences. EEB asked its members to report on the implementation and application of the rights guaranteed by the Aarhus Convention and the EU Directives which follow from it. The survey also concludes with various recommendations: 1. More awareness-raising among the public and more training for public authorities is needed; 2. Swift, independent and low-cost mechanisms (e.g. Information Commissioners or Tribunals) todeal with the denial of requests are needed; 3. Efforts to develop registers and post information on websites should be promoted; 4. Information on opportunities to participate should be made more citizen-friendly; 5. Practical barriers to access to justice at Member State level should be removed; and 6. The proposal for an EU Directive on Access to Justice should proceed.(Original source:…)

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