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HLPF 2021 SIDE EVENT: EMPOWERING PEOPLE TO PROTECT THE PLANET IN A COVID-19 CONTEXT: the contribution of SDG 16 and environmental access rights


This event aims to generate a space for inter-regional multi-stakeholder dialogue on experiences that empower people to protect the planet in times of COVID-19. As a linchpin of sustainable and resilient recovery efforts, the implementation of environmental access rights to information, public participation and justice at different levels will be featured. By furthering the environmental dimension of SDG 16, focusing on leaving no one behind and catalyzing transformative action, environmental access rights enable societies to secure people-centered, nature-based solutions in the pursuit of sustainable development.

The Escazú Agreement, the Aarhus Convention and other national and regional developments that strengthen transparent, inclusive, evidence-based and participatory policies for sustainability will be showcased.

The event will invite representatives of Member States, United Nations entities, civil society and other relevant stakeholders to engage in a collective discussion on how to devise effective pathways for building forward greener and better.

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