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Guidelines for the participation of representativesof non-governmental organizations at meetings of the bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Since the early days of the climate change Convention, non-governmentalorganizations (NGOs) have been actively involved, attending sessions and exchangingviews with other participants, including delegates. It is recognized that this involvementallows vital experience, expertise, information and perspectives from civil society to bebrought into the process to generate new insights and approaches. To promote a harmonious atmosphere supportive of discussions and negotiationsat intergovernmental meetings and to encourage the effective participation of observers inthe process, the secretariat has prepared guidelines for appropriate conduct duringattendance at meetings of bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention onClimate Change (hereinafter referred to as UNFCCC) at whatever premises are used forsuch meetings (hereinafter referred to as venues). These guidelines are not exhaustivebut seek to provide information reflecting current practice regarding attendance ofobservers at sessions and meetings of the UNFCCC.

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