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Flowing Freely: How to Improve Access to Information and Enhance Public Participation in Water Management

The report of the project, “Enhancing Access to Information and Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making”, implemented by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Resources for the Future and the New York University School of Law, and public participation partners in five Danube Basin countries (Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, and Serbia). The project aimed to realize commitments from these Danubian countries to provide environmental information to the public and improve public involvement in water-related decision-making processes. Working with public officials and NGOs at the national, regional and local levels, the project team identified the main barriers to public access to information and involvement in environmental decision-making, and developed tools and strategies for overcoming them. The report contains ten recommendations to improve access to information on water quality and management and to enhance public participation in environmental and water-related decision-making processes.

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