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Facility GHG Reporting

In March, 2004, the Government of Canada announced the introduction of mandatory reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by major emitters. By providing a more precise picture of the sources and amounts of Canada's GHG emissions, mandatory reporting contributes to the development, implementation and evaluation of climate change and energy use policies and strategies. Unlike the National GHG Inventory which compiles GHG data at a national level, developed from national and provincial statistics, the GHG Emissions Reporting program applies only to the largest industrial GHG emitters in Canada. In the GHG emissions reporting program, all facilities that emit the equivalent of 100,000 tonnes (100kt) or more of greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalent units) per year are required to submit a report. Some countries use data on greenhouse gases reported under national pollutant release and transfer registers to cross-check data on GHG emissions reported by facilities to the GHG Inventory. In English and French.(Original source:

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