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EVENT in Armenia: On November 20, a discussion will be held in the Yerevan Aarhus Center on the progress review of the implementation of decision V/9a on compliance by Armenia with its obligations under the Aarhus Convention

Great interest and concern has arisen among the NGOs, mass media and other interested parties on the conclusion submitted to the Government of Armenia on the implementation of decision v/9a of the Meeting of the Parties on compliance by Armenia with its obligations under the Aarhus Convention. Many people immediately apply to the Aarhus Centers to get explanations and information on the seriousness of the issue. Environmental non-governmental organizations attach much importance to the proper implementation of the requirements of the Convention in Armenia. Environmental Public Alliance, the Aarhus Centers in Armenia have repeatedly appealed to the Prime Minister of the Republic Armenia and the relevant fractions of the National Assembly on non-compliance of the legislation with the provisions of the Convention. They have raised the issue of lack public participation in decision-making process. Even the Ombudsman has noted in his annual report (2015) a non-compliance of the new environmental impact assessment law with the Compliance Committee decisions on Armenia. Given this fact and various comments in relation to this issue the Aarhus Centres in Armenia have initiated a discussion with all interested parties, which will be held in Yerevan Aarhus Center, on November 20, at 16:00.

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