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European PRTR Homepage on Diffuse Sources

The European PRTR is the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register - the European-wide register of industrial and non-industrial releases into air, water, land and off-site transfers of waste water and waste including information from point and diffuse sources. This website gives you access to information on the annual releases from diffuse source sectors from 25 EU Member States as far as data are available - mostly for the year 2003. For more information read Background to European PRTR and Questions to European PRTR. Get an overview on data availability and annual totals by sector and pollutant within the European Community; find detailed information on releases from diffuse sources within the Member States by pollutant and sector; find information on releases into river basins; and identify gaps in reporting of releases from diffuse sources. You can search by sector, pollutant and Member State or look for releases into river basins. Additionally you can find background information to the European PRTR, downloads for related documents, links to relevant Institution and Organisation and results of the data evaluation.

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