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EU: resource on reporting and monitoring of environment legislation

The European Commission has initiated several projects on environmental information management and reporting (a workshop will be held Brussels on 8 February 2018) and on developing an assessment framework for environmental governance (a workshop will be held in Brussels on 27 February 2018).

The first project serves implementation in particular of action 4 (develop and test tools for data harvesting at EU level) and action 5 (develop guidance and promote best practices for European and national environmental information systems including better access to data in an easy to understand way) under the fitness check on environmental monitoring and reporting. The overall objective is to define, identify and present good practices of EU and national environmental information management systems and portals which contribute to active dissemination in the EU and its Member States and explore and develop and test tools to use such publically available data through data harvesting and mining.

The objective of the second project is to develop a framework for assessment of environmental governance and administrative performance in the Member States specific for the implementation of environmental legislation and policies. Such an assessment framework based on criteria and indicators shall be used for the development and better implementation of environmental governance policies and legislation and as a basis for the future country-based assessments under the 'governance' section of the Environment Implementation Review.


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