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Ethics of Waste in the Information Society

This is an academic website on information ethics. It is a platform for exchanging information about worldwide teaching and research in this field. It provides news on ongoing activities by different kinds of organizations. The development of information ethics aims to engage the broad range of materials involved in the processes of communication, information, and knowledge production. This includes the instruments we employ, use, and discard in ever-shorter cycles of consumption, outpacing efforts to develop appropriate mechanisms of disposal and recycling: from old television sets to LCD and plasma displays, from old disk drives to flash cards and RFID chips. Used locally, but designed, produced, and discarded across the world, these instruments and how we use them raises questions whose technical and political implications are increasingly being explored in an emerging regulatory regime and whose info-ethical dimensions deserve greater attention. With links to key journals in the field, including Ethics and Information Technology, a journal whose authors revisit the history of electronics activism and regulation and reflect on the need to rethink waste or debris as resource for socio-technological innovation and survival.

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