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Environmental Justice Strategic Enforcement Assessment Tool (EJSEAT)

The Environmental Justice Strategic Enforcement Assessment Tool (EJSEAT) is a tool for the U.S. EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) to consistently identify areas with potentially disproportionately high and adverse environmental and public health burdens. EJSEAT uses 18 select federally-recognized or managed databases and a simple algorithm to identify such areas. EJSEAT data sets are divided into the following four indicator categories: (1) environmental, (2) human health, (3) compliance, and (4) social demographics. The system was envisioned as a way to identify minority and poor neighborhoods with disproportionate pollution and environmental health issues. Concern that many of the nation's toxic and industrial sites are located in minority areas prompted a 1994 presidential order urging government agencies to address the issue.(Original source:

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