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Electronic Self-Disclosure under the EPA Audit Policy

EPA’s Web-based system allows for electronic self-disclosure under the EPA Audit Policy. The pilot program, known as the Audit Policy Self-Disclosure system or eDisclosure, allows companies nationwide to electronically self-disclose violations of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) including Toxic Chemical Release Forms. In the view of the Agency, submitting Audit Policy disclosures electronically makes self-reporting violations easier, speeds EPA processing times and reduces transaction costs by ensuring that each disclosure contains complete information, and will assure consistency in how disclosures are processed and reviewed by EPA. eDisclosure uses EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) for submissions to the Agency. The Central Data Exchange (CDX) enables fast, efficient and accurate environmental data submissions. With links to more information on self-disclosure, including guidance documents, a 5-step instruction and legal mandates.

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