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EBRD Futures 2025

This document reports on the project “The Futures of the EBRD Region 2025” conducted by Outsights with the EBRD in 2006-2007. The project was designed to stimulate new thinking on the region, to look for the key drivers of change and the possible alternative outcomes for the region. Four factors or drivers of change were selected as main points of focus for the project: people, the environment, technology and the future of China. The outcome of the analyses and debate carries astrong message: the combination of meeting some serious demographic challenges, meeting the twin environmental challenges of pollution and climate change, being competitive in a fast moving world oftechnology and adapting to the evolving role of China, all will be major determinants of the EBRD region’s success in the years to 2025. In the chapter entitled Environment without Frontiers, the growth and impact of cross-border pollution between China and the region are highlighted. The future of China and the region’s environment are closely linked. In particular, the authors found that there is significant scope for cooperation at the global level, as both Russia and China are under pressure to lead global efforts to curb carbon emissions.(Origianl source:

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