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Considerations for Ensuring Quality PRTR Data

This report provides a global overview and framework to quality PRTR information and activities from countries and organizations around the world. Considerations for Ensuring Quality PRTR Data intends to provide a “snapshot” of how OECDcountries have developed and run their PRTR programmes. The aim is to provide information for existinggovernment programmes, and also for countries who would like to develop a PRTR or improve their existing programme, and to give examples of different approaches in the development, implementation and improvement of PRTR programmes. This document shows the similarities and differences across countries in their requirements to collect and display high quality data, which is required for an effective PRTR system. It presents compliance and regulatory requirements, the development of guidance material, and emerging issues and challenges for the future. From the Series on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (ENV/JM/MONO(2008)11). With a glossary of terms.

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