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Access to Justice in environmental matters. Perspectives from the European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment

By Prof. Dr. L. Lavrysen, Judge in the Belgian Constitutional Court, Brussels,President of the European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment Paper prepared for the Global Symposium on the Environmental Rule of Law, 24 June 2014 Following up the recommendations made during the UNEP Global Judges Symposium of 2002 in Johannesburg and the Ad Hoc Planning Meeting in January 2003 in Nairobi, the judges from Western Europe present at that meeting, considered to set up a regional forum of judges for the environment[...] The objective of the Forum is to promote the enforcement of national, European and international environmental law in a perspective of sustainable development. The aim of the Forum is in particular to exchange experiences in the area of training of the judiciary in environmental law, contribute to a better knowledge of environmental law, share experiences with environmental case law and contribute to a more effective enforcement of environmental law.

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