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Portugal: Complaints against project to store nuclear waste close to Portuguese border

Date published:
Leonor Riso

The governments of Spain and Portugal have agreed to construct a storage for nuclear waste just 100 kilometres off the Portuguese border. In January, the People-Animals-Nature Party (PAN) filed a complaint alleging Spain to have breached the provisions of both the Espoo and the Aarhus Convention. While the Espoo Convention obliged Parties to assess the environmental impact of certain activities which have a significant cross-border impact, the Aarhus Convention stipulates access to information and public participation in decision-making. Spain denies that it is in breach with the Conventions concerning the storage of nuclear waste from the Almaraz power plant. On 15 August, the curator for the case before the Espoo Convention’s Implementation Committee is supposed to present his analysis of the information submitted by PAN for consideration at the Committee’s next session.


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