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Public participation in environmental matters in Latin America

Date published:
Conexioncop, Elpais.Cr

The article summarizes the speeches held during the webinar titled "Standards of access to information and public participation in climate change" was organized by the Mexican Center for Environmental Law (CEMDA) in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and supported by EUROCLIMA, on Thursday August 4. The speakers pointed out a clear realization of the three access rights granted by  the Aarhus Convention and principle 10 of the Rio Declaration in constitutional laws and a growing case law on access to information in Latin America; stressed on the virtuous circle between human rights, environment and access rights and analysed a wave of environmental democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean, triggered by the process of negotiating the regional agreement, which in turn has been reflected in national actions that increase the level of assurance of these rights, especially for the greater involvement of civil society. Beyond the recognition of these rights, the challenge were now their effective implementation.


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