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14 Apr 2014
Réchauffement : les 10 points marquants du rapport du GIEC
Une compilation de près de 20 000 études et projections scientifiques par plus de 800 chercheurs. Voilà la somme que représente le cinquième rapport du Groupe intergouvernemental d'experts sur l'évolution du climat (GIEC) qui vient d'être intégralement achevé et s'avère bien plus alarmant que la précédente édition, en 2007.

11 Apr 2014
La Suisse a rempli ses engagements de réduction des émissions de CO2
La Confédération s'était engagé auprès de l'ONU à réduire ses émissions de gaz à effet de serre de 8% entre 2008 et 2012. Au final, la baisse a été légèrement plus importante, se réjouit l'OFEV.

11 Apr 2014
Riparians of NPP now authorized to sue
Original in French The decisions of the Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate may be challenged in court by local residents, according to a decree of the Federal Court released on Friday .

10 Apr 2014
The public inquiry "Grenelle-style"
This is the so-called "Grenelle 2" Law which reformed the public inquiries with a twofold objective : to rationalize and to simplify. In particular, the reform has based the public inquiry on the impact study. The scope of the role of the investigator, the possibility of ongoing developments and after investigation, mandatory electronic communication have therefore evolved. (…)

28 Mar 2014
Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee in numbers
Aarhus Convention secretariat prepared a series of infographics on the work of the Compliance Committee. Learn more about the body and its relevance as well as the details on communications submitted and findings adopted.

27 Mar 2014
Belarus: Do not forget to ask the public
Original in Russian The inhabitants of Belarus have the opportunity to express their views on several nuclear facilities, which plans to build Ukraine

26 Mar 2014
Greenland - NGOs: How should public participation improves
Original in Danish In order to ensure better public discussion of future mining projects in Greenland, the NGO Coalition for Better Citizen submitted its recommendations to Naalakkersuisut.

25 Mar 2014
Switzerland: Changes in the Environmental Protection Act shall enter into force in June
Original in German In June 2014, the Federal Council amendments to the Environmental Protection Act will come into force, which are connected with accession to the Aarhus Convention. The Parliament had approved Switzerland's accession to the Aarhus Convention, regarding access to information and public participation in environmental decision-making, in September 2013.

24 Mar 2014
La Suisse va s'engager à améliorer l'information
La Suisse va se joindre aux efforts internationaux pour améliorer l'information sur l'environnement et favoriser l'accès au public. Les modifications législatives nécessaires pour ratifier la Convention d'Aarhus entreront en vigueur le 1er juin, a indiqué lundi l'Office fédéral de l'environnement.

18 Mar 2014
Original in Russian […] Director of the Tajik Branch of the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia Abdulhamid Kaumov noted that MONECA is one of three components of the project management of forests and biodiversity, including environmental monitoring in Central Asia, funded by the European Union.

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Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee in numbers

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