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22 Aug 2015
Kazakhstan: UN Special Rapporteurs’ recommendations form basis for National Human Rights dialogue
During the regular meeting of the Dialogue Platform on Human Dimension,Vadim Ni, chairman of the Kazakh eco-forum of public organisations, spoke regarding the difficulty concerning public access to environmental information. He highlighted the issue for individuals to secure information and advised solving the problem by discussing future industrial projects with the population in advance, in accordance with the Aarhus Convention and with article 163 of the environmental code of Kazakhstan.

20 Aug 2015
Armenia: OSCE Office supports training courses on environmental rights in Arenia's Aarhus Centres
The OSCE Office in Yerevan, in partnership with the Centre on Economic and Legal Analyses NGO, launched the first in a series of training courses in regional Aarhus Centres today to enhance the capacities of civil society organizations and local authorities on the third pillar of the Aarhus Convention.

3 Aug 2015
Armenia: The OSCE supports civil society to develop the environmental strategy in dialogue with the Government
The main aim of the program - implemented in support of OSCE - is to strengthen civil society in Armenia, as an essential partner of RA government and to implement a convention (Aarhus Convention) about "Access to information concerning environmental issues, public participation in decision-making and access to justice" within the framework of European Economic Commission of the United Nations. (...)

31 Jul 2015
Italy: Mayor Servallo launches his plan for a new Ausino
First step to start the process of transformation of the Ausino Spa in a special agency consortium of public law. The company will operate, exclusively, in the production, distribution and management of integrated water services in the territory of local associates. The application of the Aarhus Convention will ensure effective participation of the population residing in the territory of local associates to quality choices regarding production, delivery and management integrated water services.

17 Jul 2015
EU: Court rules EU must declare breaches of environmental law
The Court of Justice of the EU banned the European Commission from keeping information regarding hazardous waste and water quality confidential.

10 Jul 2015
Ireland: Consultation on wind farm below EU standards
An Bord Pleanála hears communication with locals on development and has been told that the consultation with a Co Meath community in relation to a wind farm development has been hopelessly inadequate and does not meet standards set down in European legislation. (...) Counsel for the applicant rejected the claims and said it was clear that considerable analysis had been provided in the environmental impact assessment in relation to the likely impacts of the development.

9 Jul 2015
Austria: National Environmental Information Amendment brings more transparency
Environmental information should be more accessible - in this regard the National Councilde passed an amendment to the Environmental Information Act yesterday. Based on requirements of the European Union it regulates not only the handling of hazardous substances such as certain chemicals in industrial plants, but also the transparent presentation of potential dangers and safety measures by the plant operator.

7 Jul 2015
Malta: Government riding roughshod over civil society - Front Harsien ODZ
Front Harsien ODZ today condemned the absolutist way through which the government is pushing through three new laws regulating planning and environmental protection without adequate consultation as required by the Aarhus convention of which Malta is a signatory.

6 Jul 2015
Malta: Government should give public opportunity to speak on separation of Mepa according to Malta NGO
Din l-Art Helwa (NGO) has asked the government to ensure that the public is given adequate opportunity to voice their views and concerns on three Bills to regulate the forthcoming separation of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, published yesterday.

5 Jul 2015
Switzerland: The dirtiest places in Switzerland
The Swiss Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (short: SwissPRTR) has a noble goal: It wants to create transparency about pollutant emitters and promote "eco-efficiency" in the factories. Since 2007, they are committed to emissions of 86 problematic substances to report. The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) provides this data into the grid. The Office is attached to this active information on environmental data and in accordance with the Aarhus Convention obliges which Switzerland has ratified in 2014.

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