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13 Feb 2016
The Netherlands: We the people: a case for climate action
Dutch citizens have taken legal action against their government for its failure to combat climate change. Irish Campaigners intend to do the same using provisions of the Aarhus Convention and EU Laws.

12 Feb 2016
UK: Estate owner awarded protective expenses order after Inner House rules costs would be ‘prohibitively expensive’
An estate owner who is challenging plans for a wind farm development in Ayrshire, Scotland has been granted a protective expenses order following an appeal in line with the provisions of the Aarhus Convention.

9 Feb 2016
UK: Lloyd Austin: Environmental courts best way to resolve disputes
The Article explores the role of Environmental Courts and the efficaciousness that they achieve, being in spirit with the Aarhus Convention.

9 Feb 2016
France: GMOs: A collective challenges the state and the EU for clearer labeling
The article explores the incident of civil society pressurising the Government of France to incorporate mandatory labeling of food products from animals, as required under the Aarhus Convention.

4 Feb 2016
China: Company transparency could help overcome resistance to environmental action
The Article explores the need for Transparency and public participation in China, issues that formed the backbone of at least four of the 2015 report on establishing China’s Green Financial System report’s key recommendations. The article explores the possibility of bringing China and Australia, inter alia, under the umbrella of the Aarhus Convention.

5 Jan 2016
Review and Update of the World Bank Safeguard Policies
The World Bank is updating its policies protecting the poor and the environment in Bank- financed projects. In this regard it has launched the 3rd round of consultations on the proposed Environmental and Social Framework, focusing on implementation and on an indicative list of complex issues that require further discussion. Between August and December 2015, the World Bank has held consultations in 18 countries across all regions. This is part of the third phase of one of the largest consultation efforts the Bank has undertaken. Feedback on a list of outstanding issues and on the implementation of the proposed safeguards requirements on the ground has been rich and valuable. The World Bank closed the year 2015 with consultations in Niger and Nigeria. In early 2016 consultation events are planned for Cameroon, Rwanda, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, and Belgium (for European constituencies).

1 Dec 2015
France: COP21: What means a "binding agreement"?
Francois Hollande has again said Monday at the opening of COP21: the agreement will come out to be "binding". A qualification that the United States rather try to push. These verbal misunderstandings however not involve a substantive disagreement. The key concepts for understanding the debate also refer to the Aarhus Convention.

30 Nov 2015
UK: Government attacks public right to environmental justice
The UK Government, through subtle changes in legal definitions concerning financial viability of bringing claims relating to the environmental laws, seeks to restrict the right to affordable environmental justice. In this endeavour, the Aarhus Convention's affordability provision, under Article 9, is sought to be diluted, thus limiting its application.

27 Nov 2015
EU: When people kept out of law-making
The article explores the lack of backing to the Aarhus Convention in the EU legal framework, and the need to make the procedure more transparent, in line with the Convention.

26 Nov 2015
Turkmenistan: Environmental awareness in focus at OSCE-supported events
A series of OSCE-supported seminars held in six cities across Turkmenistan concluded today in Turkmenbashi, raising awareness about the Aarhus Convention, a key UN document on access to environmental information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters.

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