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10 Sep 2014
Invitation to comment on a first draft of an Aarhus Convention/CBD checklist
A draft checklist of key measures required for ratifying and implementing the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (Article 23) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Aarhus Convention’s Almaty Amendment has been prepared pursuant to the conclusions by the Chair of the joint Aarhus Convention/CBD round table in October 2013. In this regard, we invite all interested governments and stakeholders to submit comments on the first draft checklist. Please note that comments should be submitted no later than 31 September 2014 to aarhus.survey@unece.org and to ulrika.nilsson@cbd.int. For more information, please visit the Portal on Public Awareness at http://bch.cbd.int/onlineconferences/portal_art23/pa_main.shtml

21 Aug 2014
Kazakhstan: If you get rich, then in eco-tourism!
(Original text in Russian) (Full article can be found on the website) Office of Tourism of Almaty violates the requirements of the Aarhus Convention by not providing complete information on public construction ski resort Kok Zhailau in the Ile-Alatau National Park; I'm sure human rights activist Sergei Solyanik. This opinion he tried to defend in court, but to no avail.

20 Aug 2014
Kazakhstan: OSCE seminar to discuss water scarcity problems in Kazakhstan
The OSCE is organizing a seminar-training in Kazakhstan on provisions of the Aarhus Convention in the light of transition of Kazakhstan to the "green economy" in the sector of water resources of North Kazakhstan.

20 Aug 2014
Iceland: "It Was My Way, And The Highway"
On the Álftanes peninsula, a good ten kilometres from downtown Reykjavík, lies a unique lava field called Gálgahraun. The towns of Hafnarfjörður, Álftanes and Garðabær were all built around the 8,000-year-old lava, which is on the Nature Conservation Register and was immortalised on canvas by celebrated Icelandic artist Jóhannes S. Kjarval. Gálgahraun was widely considered to be one of the few spots of unspoilt nature left in the greater metropolitan area, but it isn’t any more, as a big highway that cuts the field in two is currently under construction.

15 Aug 2014
Environmentalists warn that the new regulations of the Provincial Councils Planning "goes without consensus"
(Original article in Spanish.) Ecologists in Action and Naturalist Association of Aragon (ANSAR) have warned that the new regulations of the Provincial Councils Planning has left "no consensus" and criticized that "does not include measures to avoid what happened in the years of speculation and corruption."

12 Aug 2014
Belarus: Orthodox building on Lake Bolduc to be added to the church courtyard and children's camp
(Original article in Russian.) At the unique lake Bolduc in Postav area Orthodox community plans to build not only the church but also the courtyard with a children's camp, which implies a fixed infrastructure. Environmentalists believe that it can lead to the death of the lake, and a sharp deterioration of the entire surrounding ecosystem, which is already suffering greatly from the presence of seasonal campers. In addition, environmentalists say, the hydrological reserve should not be at construction sites.

11 Aug 2014
Kazakhstan: Stop construction in Kok-Zhailau!
(Original article in Russian.) "Save Our Kok Zhailau!" Under this slogan on Sunday gathered more than fifty concerned citizens in the tract Kok Zhailau where Almaty tourism management wants to build a ski resort. Officially, the construction has not yet been approved, but in fact a huge pit has already been dug.

10 Aug 2014
Scotland: Wind farm battles set for court
(Full article available online via website subscription.) An action group is alleging that householders' health is being put at risk, says Mark Macaskill. The march of wind turbines across Scotland is set to be legally challenged on the grounds that Scottish ministers have failed to protect people who live in their shadow.

8 Aug 2014
Rejet de la demande du CNPA visant à l'annulation du décret du 26 novembre 2012
Par une décision du 16 juillet 2014, le Conseil d’Etat a rejeté la demande en annulation pour excès de pouvoir du décret du 26 novembre 2012, qui pose les prescriptions générales applicables aux centres VTHU (Véhicules terrestres hors d’usage) relevant du régime de l'enregistrement au titre de la législation des installations classées (ICPE). La demande émanait du CNPA (Conseil national des professions de l'automobile), qui faisait valoir que le texte contenait des dispositions "disproportionnées, redondantes, voire inapplicables" pour les sites de faible superficie.

7 Aug 2014
Spain: Arguments of the Cabildo to the proposed resolution of the Ministry of Industry authorizing oil exploration
(Original article in Spanish.) The institution submits "procedural and content" deficiencies in the resolution of the surveys, and reporting breaches with European directives and "displacement" of general interest for the benefit of multinational Repsol. The Cabildo of Fuerteventura has objected to the proposed resolution by the Ministry of Industry seeks to permanently authorize the execution of multinational Repsol oil exploration off the coast of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, rejecting the record by "procedural deficiencies and content ", pointing to" a shift in the public interest "to benefit the private interest of the multinational Repsol, thus claiming the suspension of the entire process.

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